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Health Effects in Children

Agriculture producers worldwide note that sensitive areas include the environment, urban areas and particularly kids. Adults' bodies are fully formed and relatively resistant to very small amounts of pesticides. Kids, on the other hand are still developing and relatively sensitive. What may seem like a small amount of pesticide, even a few parts per billion may be the cause of lifetime health problems. Below are some featured articles that discuss this very important issue.


This study characterized exposures of eight children living in an agricultural community near potato fields that were treated by aerial application with the organophosphorus (OP) insecticide, methamidophos (O,S-dimethyl phosphoramidothioate). Exposure monitoring included air and deposition samples in the outdoor community environment, outdoor and indoor air samples at each residence, wipe samples of playground equipment, toys, indoor surfaces, and children's hands, and periodic urine samples...

Californians for Pesticide Reform


Children are especially vulnerable to the health impacts of pesticides. Health professionals, educators, and public health advocates agree that school pesticide use can grievously affect their immediate and long-term health. Since the pioneering resolution of the California State Parent Teacher Association in 1972, the National Parent Teacher Association, the National Education Association, and many other organizations have joined in its call for reduced school pesticide use...

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Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Agro-chemical Database

Crop Data Management Systems' (CDMS) Agro-chemical database is the most widely used and trusted resource for critical agronomic, regulatory, and use criteria.

MSDS New Zealand

MSDS.CO.NZ is the leading online collection of New Zealand safety data sheets (SDS) and HSNO product documentation. Our aim is to provide SDSs and HSNO product documentation to the New Zealand public to foster the safe use of chemicals and other products. This site offers a comprehensive search facility to enable you to efficiently locate the information which you require.

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Resources for Growers in New Zealand


GrowSafe Training Programme and Accreditation

GROWSAFE is the brand of the NZ Agrichemical Education Trust (NZAET) formed in 1992 by the primary producer groups and government agencies. Its objective is to develop and maintain good practice standards of agrichemical use - safe, effective and responsible spraying. The Trust represents both industry organisations and Government agencies.

Northland Regional Council

Preventing Spray Drift for Sprayers

Methods to help prevent Spray Drift from the Northland Regional Council.

Spray Tutor: Computer Based Training for Spray Drift Management

Spray Tutor is an interactive CD based software package containing a comprehensive training programme intended to illustrate and train users (through the GrowSafe courses operated by the New Zealand Agrichemical Education Trust) in the causes and effects of spray drift. It reflects New Zealand industry codes of practice, regulatory requirements and performance guidelines for safe, effective and responsible agrichemical application.

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Spray Drift News Resources

NZ Farming

NZ Farming

The latest farming news for New Zealand.

Get Farming

Get Farming New Zealand

Information for the New Zealand farming sector.


Farm News for NZ Farmers

Farmnews endeavours to provide news and information to the farmers of New Zealand, particularly Southland. Farmnews has been in operation since 1998 and has maintained a presence on the internet since that time. It is one of the longest running farming information websites in New Zealand and has supplied articles and photographs to news organisations around the world during that time.

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Spray Drift / Ag Industry News Stories - updated September 2012

Nitrogen best option to boost feed for lambing

With bumper lamb numbers due this spring, having the best feed available will be a priority for farmers wanting to achieve optimum live-weight growth, especially with subdued market prices. Sheep scanning results are showing improvement over last season with 2012 lamb numbers expected to be about 4% up on last year which means an extra 1 million mouths to feed this spring.

Beekeepers consider biosecurity pact

The National Beekeepers' Association says it will work with the Government to assess how a joint approach might lead to better management of biosecurity risks to beekeepers.

Ruling puts rivers ahead of farmers

The need to clean up dirty rivers has been put above the needs of farmers in an Environment Court decision being lauded as a huge victory for clean-water advocates. But a Federated Farmers representative says the decision will put farmers out of work or force them overseas.

Rainy month sets stage for strong spring

A soggy August has lined up South Canterbury farmers for a top spring and pushed growing conditions as much as a month ahead of previous years.

Farmers might turn to poo power

A network of farms producing electricity from their animal's poo is not just a hippie pipedream. Technological advances could soon make it a reality. The Southland Energy Conference next month will be looking at increasing the use of biodigestion as part of Southland's energy future.

Orchardists planting thousands of apples

South Canterbury orchardists are planting tens of thousands of trees to prepare for a massive expansion in apple growing. The project could see an extra 200 harvesters employed in the region within the next five years.

Bio-tech giant keen to plant in NZ soil

One of the world's largest and most controversial bio-tech companies is keen to bring its GM crop technology to New Zealand.

New Psa flare-up as disease spreads

The arrival of kiwifruit scourge Psa-V in Coromandel is being treated as another manmade spread. A 10km "controlled area" has been placed around a kiwifruit orchard in Whenuakite after industry agency Kiwifruit Vine Health (KVH) received a provisional Psa-V positive result on four Gold9 vines there

Modified milk could treat disease

New Zealand scientists have genetically engineered cows to produce milk that can treat a number of human diseases. Cloning techniques have been adopted in the genetic modification of animals, a field looking to alter cows' milk to produce pharmaceuticals in an application known as "biopharming".

Sue Kedgley: Beware GM heavyweights visiting New Zealand

Some of the leading figures in the global campaign to get genetically modified crops accepted around the world, have been in New Zealand this week.

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Industry News Feed for New Zealand

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